Zimmerman granted bail

Bond set at $150,000

George Zimmerman has been granted bail by a Florida judge after a bond of $150,000 was set. However there were some restrictions which were put on Zimmerman. GPS monitoring was made mandatory, while he would have to contact the authorities every three days. He has been denied possession of firearms and is not allowed to contact the victim’s family. He is also not allowed any controlled substances except those prescribed by a physician. As far as his Attorneys request that Zimmerman be allowed to live in hiding away from Florida, the judge said that the lawyer and the state have to sit and decide if that is possible. Because the necessary arrangements have to be made Zimmerman will not be allowed to leave jail today.

Not a violent person

Meanwhile George Zimmerman has found some support as he looks to clear his name in the case involving the shooting of unarmed Trayvon Martin. His wife has come out in his support and has said that Zimmerman is not a violent person. Speaking publically for the first time since the incident Shellie Nicole Zimmerman testified at her husband’s bail hearing and said that her husband was absolutely no threat to the community. She also promised the court that she would ensure her husband would be at court for the trial if he was released on bail.сковородка керамическая ценаchinese24option review 2014количество запросов googleнастилка полаvzlomat-parolнаполнение сайта товарами

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