Zimmerman bail hearing set for next week

Lawyer confirms bail hearing

George Zimmerman’s attorney has confirmed that a bail hearing for the 28 year old is most likely to be held on the 20th April as Trayvon Martin supporters look for justice.  Martin’s supporters rallied for months in a bid to get Zimmerman arrested and now his lawyer has begun what can be a very lengthy legal process. First things first, the lawyer will be looking to convince the judge to allow Zimmerman to post bail and leave jail next week.


Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara said after Thursday’s court appearance that his client is going through a tough time and his appearance is a testament to the troubles his is going through.  “He is tired. He has gone through some tribulations,” said O’Mara. “He is facing second-degree murder charges now. He is frightened. That would frighten any of us.”

Stand your ground

While many Trayvon Martin supporters have rejoiced at the fact that Zimmerman is under arrest and is going to get a trial, some experts have warned that the case might get thrown out because of Florida’s controversial Stand your ground law. Zimmerman’s lawyer also confirmed in an interview that the law will be a big part of the defense.  “It is going to be a facet of this defense, I’m sure,” he said. “That statute has some troublesome portions to it, and we’re now going to have some conversations and discussions about it as a state. But right now it is the law of Florida and it is the law that is going to have an impact on this case.”255 50 20 летние шины купитьwiki business process managementapt rentals miamiкупить карандаши для макияжаадвордс гугл комvzlom-facebookno1options trading

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