UN General Assembly to damn Syrian crackdown

Plans to demand that Assad’s weapons are kept under strict control


With the U.N. Security Council deadlocked over the Syrian crisis, the General Assembly prepared Friday to denounce Syria for unleashing tanks, artillery, helicopters and warplanes on the people of Aleppo and Damascus, and demand that the Assad regime keep its chemical and biological weapons warehoused and under strict control.


The anti-Syria resolution was expected to easily pass in the 193-member General Assembly after its Arab sponsors de-fanged two key provisions in the original draft — a demand that President Bashar Assad resign, and a call for other nations to place sanctions on Syria over its civil war.


Buildup of military means


U.N. peacekeeping chief HerveLadsous, meanwhile, told the Security Council on Thursday that U.N. military observers in Aleppo are seeing “a considerable buildup of military means, where we have reason to believe that the main battle is about to start.” The rebels have commandeered tanks, and are bringing them into combat as Syrian warplanes strike back.


“Even in Damascus, I was there a few days ago, one could hear explosions regularly, interminably,” Ladsous told reporters after briefing the Council.


U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged restraint on all sides, saying, “Both the government and the opposition forces continue to demonstrate their determination to rely on ever-increasing violence.”

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