U.S. and its allies hold Syrian Government Responsible for Massacre and Expel Diplomats

Syrian Diplomats Expelled

Syrian diplomats were expelled on Tuesday by Western Nations at the rebellion opposing the regime of Bashar al-Assad said that only military force could stop the killing of innocent civilians, showcased by the massacre of women and children in Houla.

President of the Syrian National Council opposition movement in Berlin, Burhan Ghalioun, said an attempt by United Nations envoy Kofi Annan to reach a truce is making things worse for innocent civilians being killed by the Assad regime in its attempt to put down an insurrection.

“We protest the international silence in regards to the regime’s crimes,” Ghalioun said Tuesday. “Annan cannot continue his mission after the massacres that have taken place, visiting Damascus without batting an eyelash.”

U.S. holds Syrian government responsible

The United States along with a host of other nations protested the killing of 108 people on Friday by military personal by expelling Syrian diplomats. The State department said that it gave them 72 hours to leave the country because the U.S. holds “the Syrian government responsible for this slaughter of innocent lives.”

Earlier on Tuesday, many other countries such as Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Italy announced they were expelling diplomats from Syria.

“Whoever deploys heavy weaponry against their own people … in violation of Security Council resolutions must face serious diplomatic and political consequences,” said German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. “There is no future for Syria with Assad.”

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