The Avengers smash U.S. Box Office record

Super heroes secure outrageous opening weekend

We knew the Avengers would be big, what we didn’t know was that it would be this big. The Avengers have assembled like they had promised and they have smashed the U.S. Box office opening week record on the way. We all were amazed when the Harry Potter finale last year secured $169.2 million for its opening weekend. Well The Avengers just brushed that record aside, easily. The Marvel super heroes secured a cool $200.3 million debut.

Redefining standards

This movie has no surely redefined standards at the box office in the U.S. For most movies a $200 million total would be good enough, however this just changed everything. It also puts a lot of pressure on two more super hero movies coming in the summers. The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises. More will be expected of the finale of the Batman series as the second movie in this series, The Dark Knight, held the opening weekend record in 2008. The pressure will now be immense on Batman to secure a good opening weekend.

Going strong internationally

The movie also remained strong in the international market as it made $151.5 million this weekend to bring its international total so far to $441.5 million so far. This means the movie has made a whopping $641.8 million in around one and a half week.

The U.S. box office

1. The Avengers: $200.3m

2. Think Like a Man: $8m

3. The Hunger Games: $5.7m

4. The Lucky One: $5.5m

5. The Pirates! Band of Misfits: $5.4m

6. The Five-Year Engagement: $5.1m

7. The Raven: $2.5m

8. Safe: $2.47m

9. Chimpanzee: $2.4m

10. The Three Stooges: $1.8msexy call girls singaporнабор кистей для макияжаopteckтест летних шин 2016 для кроссоверовгорячая линия юристовvzlom-viber.comобъявления в новосибирске

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