Syrian violence escalates

At least 43 civilians reportedly killed

Syrian activists have accused the government of killing 43 civilians across the country on Saturday. The Syrian government has apparently escalated their offences against the rebels in what looks like a bid to crush the uprising before the April 10th deadline for a ceasefire. With no U.N. monitors currently on the ground there is no way to independently verify any of these games and multiple activists and human right groups have given different figures, however all of them have reported 40 dead during clashes on Saturday. Most of the people have been killed by shelling with the worse hit area being the central Hama province.

Satellite images cast further doubt on troop pull out

The US has posted satellite images on its Facebook page which raise questions about how sincere Syria really is to implement the U.N. backed peace plan and ceasefire. U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford while talking about the images said that it appears that the Syrian government has pulled troops out of some of its towns and cities. However in other places the government has maintained the army’s presence or simply shifted around troops.

“This is not the reduction in offensive Syrian government security operations that all agree must be the first step for the Annan initiative to succeed,” Ford said in a statement.курсвидео готоимреклама сайта на googlehow to develop web application in asp.netandroid application developersworldсайт с отзывами

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