Study Identifies Country with the Most Unfaithful Women

A survey conducted by condom manufacturer Durex has identified Nigeria as the country with the most unfaithful women. A whopping 62% of survey respondents in Nigeria admitted to cheating on their partners.

Thailand came in second with 59%, Malaysia came in third with 39% while Russia came in fourth with 33% of Russian women admitting to extramarital affairs.

Thailand leads the charts with 54% of men admitting to betraying their partners. South Korea came in second with 34% of the male respondents admitting to an affair.

Survey participants included 29,000 participants in 36 countries.Discover Optionshookah juice flavorsпромаcondos for sale in miami floridaразмещение контекстной рекламы на яндексескачатьхарьков сегодня

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