Romney woos donors in Utah

Private retreat with the Republican candidate

More than 700 top fundraisers and donors to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign were a part of a private retreat upon a Utah mountain resort on Friday with the candidate.

The weekend of seminars and leisure at Deer Valley was the reward offered to the first 1,500 donors who gave at least $25,000 each to Romney’s campaign and fundraisers who brought in at least $100,000 by June 18. Another retreat is planned in the fall.

Big energizer

The guests are the GOP’s biggest members, including GOP strategist Karl Rove, Sen. John McCain, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Potential vice presidential picks such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Wisconsin Rep. Paul D. Ryan and South Dakota Sen. John Thune will be on hand.

Romney’s wife, Ann, will host a tea with former Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill. There will be panel discussions on Israel, healthcare and the media, as well as a barbecue and golf.

“It gives all of us across the country who know each other often only through conference calls to meet and compare notes,” said New York financier Lewis Eisenberg, a veteran GOP fundraiser who is a member of Romney’s national finance committee. “It’s a chance to talk and rub shoulders with not only [Romney], but leaders of the party. It’s a big energizer.”banc detranslator fromпаспорт нового образца документыпаркет или паркетная доскаrealtor miami rentalsбесплатноцерковь духовного возрождения

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