Romney takes a break

Family traditions before election campaigning

Not wanting to break a family tradition that goes back a decade, all 30 members of Mitt Romney’s clan have gathered New England lakeside compound for a week of home-cooked meals, sporting events and ice cream outings.

The only difference this summer is: The patriarch is the Republican candidate challenging President Barack Obama and there’s a Secret Service detail in tow everywhere Romney goes.

Kicking back

For Romney, this week is a welcome opportunity to unwind from the campaign trail while reflecting on the biggest decision he’ll make during this campaign: choosing a running mate.

“It’s just so nice to have everybody together,” his wife, Ann, said after church on Sunday. “We never get to see them all anymore.”

Her husband has been spending most of his time traveling the country raising money and campaigning against Obama. His wife and sons occasionally join him, but they keep separate campaign schedules of their own.

This weeklong vacation will likely be the last real break Romney gets before the GOP convention in late August — it’s where he will accept his party’s nomination — kicks off the frenzied sprint to Election Day.

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