Prosor: Syrian regime capable of using chemical weapons

UNGA approves non-binding resolution


Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor slammed Syria for its chemical weapons and warned the UN General Assembly about their potential use on Friday.


“We should not pretend that a regime that cuts the throats of children today will not be prepared to gas them tomorrow,” he said.


“Assad must know that he will be held accountable for using these weapons,” he asserted during a session that saw Syria censured by the General Assembly.


Some 132 countries joined Israel in approving the Saudi-drafted resolution during Friday’s special session. Twelve countries, including Russia and China voted against it, and 31 abstained.


“Grave concern”


The resolution expressed “grave concern” at the escalation of violence in Syria and condemned the UN Security Council for its failure “to agree on measures to ensure the compliance of Syrian authorities with its decisions.”


It also calls for “an inclusive Syrian-led political transition to a democratic, pluralistic political system” and expressed “concern at the threat by the Syrian authorities to use chemical or biological weapons.”


Russia and China have routinely blocked more aggressive Security Council action to pressure Syrian President Bashar Assad from killing civilians and opposition groups with whom he has been battling


Though the General Assembly move lacks power, it was seen by Western powers as an important sign of Syria’s isolation and means of shaming Russia and China.


“This vote shines the spotlight on Russia and China and humiliates them in a way that they don’t like,” a UN diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

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