Pentagon Source: U.S. Could Crush Iranian Military in 3 Weeks

Iran is the most pressing scenario now

The U.S. military is now shifting its focus from Iraq and Afghanistan as the Pentagon now believes that Iran is the most pressing scenario for the U.S. now. The Pentagon has now put in a contingency plan for Iran according to the new strategic guidelines put in place by President Barrack Obama.

3 weeks

According to sources within the Pentagon all the U.S. needs is 3 weeks to carry out devastating strikes in Iran. The Washington Times has reported quoting a source that the U.S. Central Command is confident it can either significantly degrade or destroy Iran’s conventional armed forces in 3 weeks. The plan is to use both air and sea strikes without engaging the enemy forces on the ground.  The Pentagon is also steadily increasing its forces in the Gulf to ensure it can keep an eye on Iran and also respond in case any situation arises.

No discussion on war planning

Army Lt. Col. T.G. Taylor, who is a spokesperson at the U.S. Central Command, said that the Command does not discuss war planning however he did confirm that they took guidance from Washington D.C.

“We plan for any eventuality we can and provide options to the president,” Col. Taylor revealed. “We take our guidance from the secretary of defense and from our civilian bosses in D.C. So any kind of guidance they give us, that’s what we go off of.”летние шины купить 265 35 20indian b2breal estate in southern floridaконсультация юриста ценаполный аудит сайтавзлом

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