Pacquiao Wants Bradley, Bob Arum Now Open for Mayweather

The Associated Press has reported that Manny Paquiao would prefer his next fight to be against Tim Bradley, his promoter Bob Arum has undefeated Floyd Mayweather in mind. Manny stated this from Manila this Thursday Morning, right after a ruling from the five judge WBO panel that unanimously ruled Manny Pacquiao as the winner of his controversial bout with undefeated WBO champion Timothy Bradley.

He also mentioned that he does not want to give up the WBO title so easily “people may think i just usurped it.”

Even with their decision, the WBO can only order a rematch.

Arum wants Mayweather

Bob Arum on the other hand, told yahoo sports that he is open for a long awaited mega fight with the undefeated pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather,  stating he’s up for it “if we could work that out.” This is a sharp difference from his previous approach that has allegedly been stalling the negotiation process between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao for over two years.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Window Almost Shut

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has apparently came across the unfortunate fact that his welterweight phenom’s talents will diminish with age. One could argue that if Manny’s last fight would have been any closer, his chances of scoring a $250 million dollar fight, the richest in history, against Mayweather would have been all but over.

The same could happen with Floyd Mayweather who suffered his first bloody nose during his last fight with Miguel Cotto, a nose that hasn’t been bloodied in years.

A legitimate loss for either party will rob boxing fans every where of a once in a generation title fight. This bearing in mind that the fight wouldn’t have the same appeal if either one of them had a close or convincing loss.

The clock keeps ticking and if Bradley’s controversial win over pacquiao taught us anything, its that neither fighter could yet declare themselves the winners of their next fight until the twelfth round ends, regardless of who they take on.  It’s also important for both prize fighters to realize that a loss against each other will not have the same negative impact as a legitimate loss against any other fighter.

The WBO title will not be any less of an option for ‘Pacman’ if he decides to fight Mayweather next, this can’t and shouldn’t be a reason for Manny to avoid Mayweather for almost another year.

It’s finally making sense to Bob Arum. here’s hoping that it also makes sense to the actual fighters.

If it does, we all know what we’ll be doing on November 10th.

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