Obama slams Romney on women issues

Going interactive

President Barrack Obama’s re-election campaign is well under way as they have slammed Republican presumptive nominee Mitt Romney on his stance’s on women issues. It hasn’t just been spoken criticism but they have gone a step further and created an interactive tool called the life of Julia. Check it out here http://www.barackobama.com/life-of-julia.

“The tool tracks how President Obama and Mitt Romney’s policies will affect Julia, a typical middle-class woman, at each step in her life — from early childhood, through her school years, until she has a child of her own, starts a business and retires,” the campaign announced.

The campaign also confirmed that many topics are covered by the tool and the issues range from “from equal pay for equal work to expanding access to quality, affordable health care, child care and education.” They have also released a memo which they have named “Mitt Romney Puts Women’s Economic Security At Risk.”

Diverting attention

However supporters of Romney have said that this criticism by the Obama campaign that the GOP is waging a war on women is just an attempt to divide the country and divert attention from more important issues that America faces. Romney while speaking to a group of female executive in Virginia yesterday said that Americans are now tired of this economy and this President and are now looking for a change.new house Miamiвыбрать ноутбукстоимость укладки на пол фанеры под ламинатпрограмма анализа сайтакак работает яндекс директссылкаподбор ключевых слов

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