News Media outlets ask court to unseal Zimmerman papers

Media houses demand reversal

Many leading News Media houses in the US on Monday urged the court to unseal George Zimmerman’s court proceeding papers. A Florida judge had earlier ordered the sealing of court records in the court case of Zimmerman. Zimmerman has been accused of second degree murder in the fatal shooting of unarmed Trayvon Martin and the case has resulted in national uproar. However the media motion argues that “In case after case in Florida, courts — including the United States Supreme Court — have held that prominence and publicity are not synonymous with prejudice and impartiality, and have cautioned against assuming that all potential jurors follow the news and retain what they read and watch.” In the motion the media outlets argue that the judge ordered the sealing of the records “without giving the public and press an opportunity to oppose closure.”

Will Zimmerman get a fair trial?

Law experts and former attorneys have started raising concerns about whether Zimmerman would get a fair trial in Sanford Florida. Many argue that emotions are high in the community and some jurors might already have made preconceived decisions before the trail starts. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if this trial is moved to another state in search of a more fair trial. With the national outrage this case has caused across the nation, I doubt Zimmerman would get a 100% fair trial but one has to try anyways.характеристика ноутбука lenovoРадиоуправляемаязаказать seoгде покупать ноутбукopteck binary tradingссылкавозрождение церкви россии

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