Mother of girl in barricaded closet charged with child abuse

10 year old found surrounded by her own waste

A 10 year old was found by Kansas police, barricaded in a closet. She weighed in at only 32 pounds and was surrounded by her waste.

Hours after her discovery Friday morning, police tracked down her mother, Jacole Prince, 29, at her boyfriend’s place. Her two other daughters, ages 2 and 8, seemed well taken care of. The girls were taken into protective custody and Prince was arrested.

On Saturday, she was charged with assault, abuse of a child and endangering a child’s welfare.

Completely atrocious

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker described the child’s living conditions as “completely atrocious.”

“All indicators are she spent a substantial amount of time in that room,” Baker said at a news conference.

The girl — identified only as “LP” — explained to police her horrendous living conditions. According to court records, she had no room and no bed and was rarely allowed to leave the closet. And she regularly went for days without food.

She fit into a 2T shirt suited for a toddler. Her pants, a 4T, sagged on LP’s tiny frame.

Children’s Mercy Hospital officials told authorities that LP had been treated there in 2006 and weighed 26 pounds. She had gained only six pounds in the six years since that visit, court records showed.

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