Minimal difference in the salary of most stressful and least stressful jobs

More stress more pay? Not really

According to conventional wisdom, the more stressful a job is the more the financial compensation should be. It just seems fair that the more a job demands from a person the more that person should earn, just like the more responsibility a job requires the higher the salary. But according to a statistic on the website of the Harvard Business Review, this is not the case. The people at Harvard Business review went over an annual report by job website CareerCast which rates different jobs. According to their research the difference between the least stressful job and the most stressful job is minimal.

According to the report the least stressful job out there is medical records technician. In this job all a person has to do is maintain statistical data which is later used in statistical surveys, billing and treatment. This job which results in very little stress on average pays $32,350.

Now compare this with being an enlisted soldier. This is the most stressful job out there as it requires a person to undergo very tough training, maintain discipline, viewing extremely stressful stuff and occasionally putting your life at risk. This job includes tasks such as fighting wars or serving food. However an average this job only pays $3230 a year more, which when divided per month means you will only get around $270 more than someone who is a medical records technician.hdd вместо dvd привода в ноутбукеklкурс доллар24optionраскрутка сайта профессиональночитать чужие сообщения в контактесогласованное определение

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