Martin attorney: Revoke Zimmerman’s bond

Zimmerman mislead court


Trayvon Martin’s family attorney has asked for George Zimmerman’s bond to be revoked because he mislead the court at his bond hearing. Benjamin Crump said that because Zimmerman failed to reveal that he had $204,000 the court could not make a fully informed decision on his bond amount.


“They tried to portray themselves as indigent that they did not have any money,” said Crump. “We think the court should revoke his bond immediately, and he should be held accountable for misleading the court.”


Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara announced on Thursday that Zimmerman had received over $200,000 in donations, which Zimmerman did not inform him about earlier and will now be discussed in a hearing on Friday. O’Mara in an interview on CNN revealed that he only found out about the money when they were trying to convince him to shut down his online presence for security reasons. “He asked me what to do with his PayPal accounts, and I asked him what he was talking about,” O’Mara said. “He said those were the accounts that had the money from the website he had. And there was about … $204,000 that had come in to date.”  Mark O’Mara also admitted that if they judge who presided over the bail hearing had knowledge of the money it might have made a difference on what amount was announced. Zimmerman was believed to have very little money when his bond was announced.самыйchinese24option binary options brokerукладка паркета цена за м2стоимость укладки фанеры на полвзломатьпроверить на вирусы онлайн

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