Horror at The Dark Knight Rises screening as 14 people die

10 people killed at the scene




At least 14 people are dead and 38 were injured after a man opened fire on a crowd at a The Dark Knight Rises screening in Colorado early Friday morning, local police confirm.




According to various reports, at approximately 12:30 a.m. a man in a gas mask stood in front of a crowd during a screening of the film at a mall multiplex in Aurora and went on a shooting rampage. He set off a smoke bomb before opening fire.




Ten were reportedly killed at the scene, and the rest died at local hospitals, including a 6-year-old. Among the dead were members of the military, according to a Pentagon spokesman. The youngest victim was a 3-month-old, who was treated at a hospital and released.




Smoke bomb entrance


Eyewitnesses told CNN that the gunman reportedly kicked open an exit door and flung a smoke bomb into the theater before making his way through the crowd and randomly opening fire.


“We saw people running around and screaming,” one eyewitness said.


Another recalls hearing “anywhere from 10 to 20 shots and little explosions going on. Shortly after that we heard people screaming. Then they came on PA system and said everyone needed to get out.”

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