Floyd Mayweather to Fight Manny Pacquiao or Sergio Martinez in November

Mayweather set for Mega Fight

Sources within the Mayweather camp told Ad Rem Press this evening that Floyd Mayweather has given his adviser Leonard Ellerbe parameters for a fight with either Manny Pacquiao or Sergio Martinez in November, soon after he completes his jail sentence. Parameters include the framework for purse split, dates and venues that the pound for pound champion is willing to accept in order for a fight to move forward. Mayweather, who is set to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5, offered Manny Pacquiao a fixed $30 million dollar purse in February. An offer that the second ranked pound for pound fighter immediately rejected.

Weight and Purse Split Not an Issue

“Mayweather is not afraid of Manny, he is definitely not afraid of Sergio. What people on the outside don’t realize is that he’s as much of a business man as he is a fighter. Nobody in the sport deserves a 50-50 split with Floyd, nobody.”

Sergio Martinez who recently offered Mayweather an 80-20 split is the second option. Mayweather is eager to land a date before a match with either of the two fighters loses its luster.

“Floyd is still focused on his next fight with Miguel he’s just laying the groundwork, he knows that he can’t negotiate much when he’s serving his sentence. He really wants to fight Manny. Top Rank knows this, they know it more than anyone. He’s fighting Cotto at 154 to prepare for Sergio in the event that Pacquiao loses his next fight”

With that being said our source also gave an indication that Mayweather is looking to be more reasonable with his terms in order to make the fight happen.

“He wants a bigger fight, I don’t know what the numbers are. Leo has them, Goldenboy will have them but he wants everything to be settled by the time he gets out. It’s gonna happen”источник питаниясельхозпредприятия харькововкойюридические консультации онлайнцена на паркеткакой выбрать ноутбук для игрвзломtraderush binary options

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