First quarter stocks best since 1998

Signs of recovery

The economy might still be in a bad shape but there seems to be some genuine hope for recovery as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial index both closed their best first quarter of the year since 1998. This has resulted in $1.85 trillion returning to the stock exchange. These are some very healthy signs for the economy and if home sales and jobs can grow Americans would be much happier in the coming years. Investors were encouraged to invest into the stock market as the economy started showing small signs of improvement. Consumer confidence is returning and the job situation is improving slowly.

S&P, NASDAQ, Dow Jones all rise

The blue chip Dow Jones rose by 8.14% while the diverse S&P 500 grew by 12% higher this quarter. However the hottest stocks were no doubt the technology stocks as the NASDAQ rocketed by a whopping 19%, the highest growth in the first quarter for NASDAQ since 1991.

Surge comes as a surprise

If you had asked anyone before 2012 started, they would have termed this an unlikely scenario. Almost no one had predicted this happening and now that it has happened experts are scrambling to figure out how long this will last.сковородабиолmiami south beach homes for saleкупить шины для кроссоверов летниеadwords gooleActual Spy 3.0центр

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