First Commercial Space Craft lifts off on way to the International Space Station

A first time event


A spacecraft built by a billionaire business man rockets across the sky in a blazing arc on its way to the International Space Station, full of groceries and other supplies that the six crew members of the Space Station require.

The launching of the Falcon 9 rocket and its unmanned Dragon capsule represents the first time a commercial craft has been sent to the orbiting station, writing a new chapter in commercial space business.

It might just be a test flight, filled with non-essential items, but if all goes well then it could instigate a revolution where commercially built space shuttles could take and bring astronauts to and from the space station.


“Falcon flew perfectly!!” said billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of the SpaceX Company that made the craft. “Feels like a giant weight just came off my back.”  “For us, it’s like winning the Super Bowl.”

Even the White House came out and offered its congratulations.

“Every launch into space is a thrilling event, but this one is especially exciting,” John Holdren, President Barack Obama’s chief science adviser said. “This expanded role for the private sector will free up more of NASA’s resources to do what NASA does best tackle the most demanding technological challenges in space, including those of human spaceflight beyond low-Earth orbit.”отдых грузии берегу моряmansions miami beachmansion for sale miamiразместить рекламу в метроsingapore

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