Egypt’s President reconvenes parliament

Surprise move by Mohammad Morsi

Egypt’s Islamist president called on the Islamist-dominated parliament to reconvene despite a military-backed court ruling that dissolved it.

A week into his presidency, the surprise move by Mohammed Morsi threatened to plunge the country into a new bout of instability and violence, nearly 17 months after the ouster of authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak.

“This is the start of a battle that has for some time been brewing,” said Negad Borai, a prominent rights lawyer and activist. “In this battle, the military may be the weaker opponent since it is up against an elected president.”

Emergency Meeting

In the first sign of an imminent crisis, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces held an “emergency meeting” shortly after it was announced. The official Middle East News Agency said the generals met to “review and discuss the consequences” of the decision.

The Supreme Constitutional Court, the tribunal that dissolved the legislature last month, was to meet Monday to discuss the issue.

Morsi, a member of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, which has long been at odds with the military, also called for new parliamentary elections within 60 days of the adoption of a new constitution, which is not expected before late this year.новости харьков в контактелучший производитель ноутбуковноутбук купить киев недорогофанера на пол под укладку ламинатаспособы продвижения брендапрограмма для взлома паролейраскрутка молодого сайта

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