Egyptians gather at polls to elect first President since 29-year rule of Hosni Mubarak

Free at last

For the first time in decades, Egyptians head towards voting polls, free to vote for and elect whomever they chose to lead their country after the long authoritative rule of President and close U.S ally Hosni Mubarik whose reign came to an end last year when he was dethroned by the people.

Millions of Egyptians lined up and waited eagerly to be able to cast their vote. A cancer patient, Medhat Ibrahim, in a poor district south of Cairo said while waiting in line that, “I can die in a matter of months, so I came for my children, so they can live.” Ibrahim who is a 58-year old government employee, after voting added that, “We want to live better, like human beings. Now, I got my own back.”

Contesting the vote

There are thirteen candidates vying to become the next President of Egypt, who include Islamists, liberals and Mubarik regime figures. But due to the number of contestants, no outright winner is expected to come out of the two day voting period and so it’s been decided that there will be another vote between the top two runners of the first vote on the 16th and 17th of June and the President will be announced on the 21st of June.происшествия харькова сегодняhouseсамый лучший ноутбук для игрcheap escorttrading binary signalsскачатьmt4 broker

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