China warns India on arrogance

India warned against arrogance after missile launch

India recently successfully launched Agni V and sections of its media claimed that India was now a part of an elite group of countries that have intercontinental ballistic missiles. However it seems China are far from impressed and have warned India not to be arrogant in the aftermath of their successful test launch.  “India should not overestimate its strength. Even if it has missiles that could reach most parts of China, that does not mean it will gain anything from being arrogant during disputes with China. India should be clear that China’s nuclear power is stronger and more reliable. For the foreseeable future, India would stand no chance in an overall arms race with China,” the editorial claimed.

An arms race India cannot win

An editorial in the Chinese state controlled Global Times has warned India that they are embarking on an arms race that they cannot win. The editorial also noted that India is spending a lot on its military expansion despite having a huge poverty problem.

China slams the silent West

Chinese state controlled media also slammed the Western countries for being silent on the matter, saying that “India is still poor and lags behind in infrastructure construction, but its society is highly supportive of developing nuclear power and the West chooses to overlook India’s disregard of nuclear and missile control treaties. The West remains silent on the fact that India’s military spending increased by 17 per cent in 2012 and the country has again become the largest weapons importer in the world.”тест блендеровкарандаш для губ телесного цветараскрутка сайтовkl top escortSafe binary brokersвзломатьонлайн проверка скорости интернета

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