Brooklyn man imprisoned woman in his apartment for a month and tortured her, police sources say

Victim tortured for weeks inside his Bainbridge St. home.


Not long after Anthony Matthews got out of Attica Correctional Facility, where he served a 12-year stint for shooting a man in the buttocks, he unleashed 31 days of torture-filled hell on his former girlfriend, court papers detail.


The woman was beaten with a large piece of wood and tied up at various times with wires and extensions cords. She was burned with an iron as her tormentor threatened to kill her if she tried to escape.


Matthews, 31, also heated up a screw driver and burned her genitals, court records show. He shoved a gun in her mouth with such force; it broke several of her teeth.


The victim suffered broken ribs, spinal damage, a broken nose and burns all over her body. She had half the blood supply of a normal woman and went into septic shock, records show.


Dropped off


When Mathews dropped her off at his mother’s home on Lafayette Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, she had open wounds and ulcers. One of the wounds on her leg was so deep that the bone was exposed.


The suspect’s mother took the victim to Woodhull Hospital on Monday where a doctor called police.


“This is one of the sickest cases I’ve ever seen,” a law-enforcement police source said.

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