Another cause for mental disorders revealed

Studies blame early life violence

Being pushed around, slapped and hit as children is more likely to lead to diagnoses of mental disorders later in life. Some prime examples being depression, anxiety and personality disorders according to an international study.

Canadian researchers whose results were published in the journal Pediatrics estimated that between two and seven percent of those mental disorders might be due to punishments inflicted in childhood, not including more severe forms of abuse.

“People believe that as long as you don’t cross that line into child maltreatment, and the physical punishment is controlled and doesn’t cross the line into abuse, it won’t have any negative long-term consequences for the child,” said study leader Tracie Afifi at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

“The way we see it is along a continuum of having no violence to severe violence,” Afifi said.

A look at harsher punishments

Up to half of all children may be spanked as punishment, but Afifi and her team wanted to look at harsher punishments, such as shoving and hitting.

The study team used data collected by United States Census interviewers in 2004 and 2005 in surveys of close to 35,000 adults across the country.

20 percent of people who remembered being physically punished had been depressed and 43 percent had abused alcohol at some point. That compared to 16 percent of people who weren’t hit or slapped who had been depressed and 30 percent who drank too much.Binary option brokerблинницу купитьиндексирование сайтапроверить популярность сайтаключевые слова для поисковиковwithlove.giftцерковь возрождение отзывы

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