Annan peace plan in Crisis

Al- Qaeda link in Damascus bombings

The chief of Syria’s main opposition group has claimed that the double bombings which killed 55 people in Damascus earlier this week were the work of Al-Qaeda. He also linked the terror network with the regime of President Bashar Assad. He said that he did not believe these radical forces … are isolated from the regime.”

“The relationship between the Syrian regime and Al Qaida is very strong,” he added.

No peaceful solution

Paris based Burhan Ghalioun, who is the head of the Syrian National Council, while addressing a press conference in Tokyo said that the peace plan devised by peace envoy Kofi Annan was in crisis because it lacked the teeth to tackle the problem properly. Ghalioun said that there was no peaceful solution to the situation in Syria unless “a threat of force against those who don’t implement the plan.”

“Assad feels that he can run away from implementing all of his obligations without any consequences,” he said criticising the international community for not doing enough to ensure that the Syrian government complies with the peace plan and the ceasefire.стоимость путевки в грузиюпояса ажитаi needсоздать сайт в гугле бесплатновидеокамера аналоговаяlink2sd plus скачать бесплатно

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