Amnesty International says the UN is no longer ‘Fit For Purpose’

Amnesty’s Declaration

Amnesty International,  a non-governmental organization focused on human rights with over 3 million members and supporters around the world, has astonishingly claimed that the United Nations is no longer a body ‘fit for purpose’, pointing towards the debacle regarding Syria s proof enough.

According to Salil Shetty, Amnesty’s Secretary General, “The world body had failed in its basic duty after Russia and China blocked several resolutions against the Bashar al-Assad regime.”

He said that the UN Security Councils Charter was all about taking swift, prompt and effective action to protect people in danger but that in Syria’s case it had failed to do either.

Failure of Global Leadership

“We saw something extraordinary in 2011, as people demanded their rights, dignity and justice and stood up to beatings, bullets and tanks. But in sharp contrast there was an appalling failure of global leadership,” he said.

“What is happening in Syria is effectively crimes against humanity, but the Security Council just watched for months and months.

“In this day and age it is simply unacceptable that thousands of lives have been lost because the Security Council is not fit for purpose.”miamihard truck bed covers with tool boxescort girls kuala lumpurбогословскаяmalaysian escortgame-sims4сео аудит сайта

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