Afghanistan struck with deadly violence again

Pace of violence picks up

A series of fresh attacks across Afghanistan in the past two days killed more than a dozen people, including six U.S. troops, officials said.

The American service members lost their lives when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb Sunday in Wardak province, which lies just west of Kabul and has recently become one of the country’s most dangerous areas.

Attackers have picked up the pace during the summer months, planting improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, along roads or footpaths. But during the past year, U.S. troops found and avoided more homemade bombs than a year ago because of improvements in training, equipment and intelligence.

There were three separate attacks in the city of Kandahar on Monday, by 14 attackers. Three police officers and six civilians were killed when the police headquarters and a local market were targeted. The assailants were also killed.

Unspeakable cruelty

Also Monday, U.S. and Afghan officials condemned what NATO forces called the “Taliban’s public execution of a woman” outside Kabul. In a video circulating throughout the capital, a man is shown firing his weapon at a woman accused of adultery. The scene, which recalled the public executions during Taliban rule, was carried out by insurgents, according to U.S. officials.

“Let’s be clear, this wasn’t justice, this was murder and an atrocity of unspeakable cruelty,” said Gen. John Allen, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan.купля продажапосудаbanc de binary jobsВсесезонныеnew construction homes south floridaдля чего нужен net frameworkсео это

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