Afghanistan police officer kills 2 U.S. troops

Latest “green-on-blue” attack


Two U.S. troops were killed in the western Afghan province of Farah when an Afghan Local Police officer turned his gun on them, one of two so-called green-on-blue attacks to hit NATO forces Friday amid a dramatic escalation of the incidents during the last year.


The police officer was shot and killed, according to NATO, which said an investigation was underway. Local sources said that the shooter had been recruited to the Afghan Local Police – a network of regional militias backed by the international military alliance and trained largely by NATO forces – just five days ago.


Second attack


In the second attack on Friday, a member of the Afghan security forces shot and wounded three foreign troops in the southern Kandahar province, coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Gunter Katz said. Katz said the shooter was in custody, but could provide no further details on the incident.


With Friday’s attacks, Afghan security forces working in partnership with Western troops have now turned weapons on their allies 31 times in 2012. At least 39 coalition forces have been killed in green-on-blue attacks this year, according to NATO, including 23 Americans.


There were two separate green-on-blue attacks last Friday, also, which left six American troops dead.

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