A Gay Pride Parade first: Mormons

A message of love

Over 300 “straight” Mormon Church members participated in the annual Utah Gay Pride Parade, on Sunday, in down town Salt Lake City, drawing shouts of approval and tears from the spectators.

This was the Mormons’ way of sending a message of love to Utah’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. According to the organizers this is a first time such a large group of Mormons have taken part in the parade.

Nevin Munson, 13, carried a sign that said: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

“I’m very saddened by the amount of hate in the world,” he said, adding discrimination against gays and lesbians exists around the world. “I don’t believe in that — they’re humans.”

“In tears. Over 300 straight, active Mormons showed up to march with me at the Utah Pride parade in support of LGBT people.” is what the parade grand marshal Dustin Lance Black, an Academy Award-winning screenwriter, tweeted.

Mormons Building Bridges

The participation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members was organized by a group calling itself Mormons Building Bridges.

Erika Munson, the group’s founder and a mother of five from Sandy, said the success of the event echoed the “deep wounds” in the community. Organizers hope it marks the beginning of a grassroots movement, she added.магазинBrookstonecall girltop social media sites for businessesпродление водительского удостоверенияведьмаксео оптимизация сайта

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