5 killed in Syria as Annan calls for humanitarian access

Not a perfect situation in Syria

Peace envoy Kofi Annan’s spokesman Ahmad Fawzi has said that Annan acknowledges that the situation in Syria is not perfect however it is very important that humanitarian access is allowed so that those in need of aid can be helped. Fawzi also said that there were detainees that needed to be released and there were about a million people who need humanitarian aid after 13 months of violence.

Media to get visas

Fawzi also revealed that the Syrian government had told Annan that they had begun giving visas to media persons.  “We have been receiving assurances from the government that they are indeed granting numbers of visas to numbers of journalists,” the spokesman said.

“The last letter we received this morning listed 53 journalists who had been given visas by the Syrian authorities.

“A previous letter we received three or four days ago listed 21 organisations that had been granted entry visas.”

5 killed as truce remains on shaky ground

The ceasefire seems to be holding for the second day, however it is on shaky ground and it is too early to predict if Syria will now see a long stretch of peace.  While protestors were allowed to beat drums and chant slogans in most locations across the country there were reports that in some areas the regime forces did fire some rubber bullets and killed 5 townhomes in browardsofiforex bonusплитка на фанеруукладка паркета частный мастерvzlom-ios.comвозрождение

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