49 mutilated bodies left on highway in Mexico

War of intimidation between drug gangs

The drug war in Mexico is escalating, as 49 mutilated and decapitated bodies were found on Sunday lying on a highway that connects the Mexican city of Monterrey to the United States. Investigations are still underway but this seems like a war of intimidation between rival drug gangs. Mexico drug gangs often leave mutilated bodies in public places to send warnings to their rivals. Officials have confirmed that some of the bodies had tattoos of the Santa Muerte cult which is popular among drug gangs. However authorities did not rule out the possibility that the victims were U.S. bound immigrants. 43 of the killed were men while the other 6 were females. The police were forced to shut down the highway.

Zetas drug cartel claim responsibility

The Zetas drug cartel has claimed responsibility for the attack via a banner which was found at the crime scene. However this claim is currently being investigated. Authorities say that identification of the victims would be hard as the bodies were found without their feet, hands or heads. The bodies will now undergo DNA testing in a bid to identify the victims. The police confirmed the possibility that the victims were killed at a different location and transported to the highway.асер ноутбук купитьсвининарейтинг летних шин 2016 для кроссоверованализ позиций сайта по ключевым словамсемейный юристgeometry dash скачать на андроидaffiliate programs

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