3 unaccounted for after navy fighter jet crash

F18 crashes into apartment complex at Virginia Beach

Rescue teams were looking for 3 unaccounted for people on Saturday after a navy fighter jet crashed into an apartment complex on Friday. The incident occurred at Virginia Beach and caused injuries to at least 7 people according to officials. No one was reported missing however rescue teams used a checklist of occupants to ensure everyone was accounted for. By late Friday 95% of the search of the 5 apartment building had been completed and according to the checklist 3 people were unaccounted for. Virginia Beach Fire Department Battalion Chief Tim Riley said that if there is still anyone inside the chance of them surviving was very low.

 Catastrophic mechanical malfunction

The incident has been called a “catastrophic mechanical malfunction” by the US Navy. According to the Navy the jet carried two people, a student and an experienced instructor however both were able to eject the jet before it crashed into the apartment buildings.  Navy Capt. Mark Weisgerber told reporters that one of the indications of a mechanical malfunction was the dumping of jet fuel. One of the reasons a huge tragedy has been avoided is that jet fuel had been dumped before the crash and the plane was not carrying any live ordnance as it was a training exercise.тест летних шин для кроссоверовapartmentlbinary problemsparaiso bay miami condonew homes for sale in south floridabrutus-aet2.comгенерация паролей

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